Learn Korean with Talk To Me In Korean: Part 1


If you’ve invested any time in studying Korean, I’m sure most of you have heard about the topic of today’s post: Talk to Me in Korean! When I first began my journey into formally studying Korean, TTMIK was one of the very first websites I stumbled upon. Back then, I don’t think I fully appreciated how awesome the site was. Even then, it offered a plethora of tools for Korean language learners. And today, they’ve evolved even more, offering free lessons on their site, books, online classes, and a podcast. This post isn’t sponsored by any means, but I just want to take a moment to talk about all the great things the site offers. 


The very first thing you should do when checking out TTMIK is take the test to see what level Korean you’re currently at. Once you take the test, you can move forward on the site with the recommended courses. They even recommend the right reasonably priced books for your level. If you are a beginner, this is great because it gives you a place to start. I know it can be hard figuring out how to begin and TTMIK is great at guiding you in the right direction. 


For those who are absolutely new to Korean, I personally recommend starting with the book Hangeul Master. Not only will it teach you how to read Korean letters, but it also teaches you how to properly write each character in the correct stroke order. The book teaches you pronunciation and offers practice quizzes that pair with audio on the Talk to Me in Korean site. It even has a section for handwriting, where you can practice writing and read writing samples made by Native Koreans. 


Once you’ve learned how to read Hangeul, it opens your world up even more. And then you can start from lesson one on the TTMIK site for free! 




As you can see in the picture, there is audio to go along with the lesson and you can even download it as mp3. You can also download the lesson as a PDF. 


Of course, the site offers paid features. You can pay for premium for about $13 dollars a month and get even more out of the site like access to more sample dialogues and quizzes with each lesson. I don’t have a paid membership yet, but I plan to get one. And when I do, I’ll come back and do a review post for you guys. ^^ 


But for now, I am satisfied with everything the site offers for free. Nine levels with over 25 lessons per level, the free content on TTMIK is fantastic. And I definitely recommend them for anyone on a budget who is ready to dive headfirst into learning Korean. The site also offers live classes through their Youtube channel, as well as a vast variety of other videos. You can visit the channel HERE.


I hope this post was helpful to those of you wondering where to start in your Korean language learning journey. I’ll probably talk more about TTMIK in another post. There’s just so much content I didn’t even get to. Happy studying!




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