KDrama Vocab: Volume 1


As previously mentioned, K-dramas have been a great way for me to learn Korean vocabulary and phrases. If you watch enough dramas, you begin to pick up on certain common words that are frequently repeated and sometimes you wind up subconsciously memorizing them. Over the years, I’ve watched over 50 Korean dramas and I’ve definitely picked up my fair share of vocab and phrases along the way. In this post, I’d like to share a handful of words that I’ve learned from some of my favorite dramas!

The very first drama that I ever watched was one called Dream High, starring Kim Soohyun, Suzy from miss A, Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM, IU, and Eunjung from T-ARA. In a way, this drama played a huge role in jump-starting my love for Korean language and culture after Youngjae. One of the first words I learned from it was “질투”, which means jealous.



In this scene, we have my favorite couple, Jason and Pilsuk, both admitting that they were jealous of each other being around other people. <3


Another drama that I watched early on when I first got into K-dramas was the famous Coffee Prince, starring the perfection that is Gong Yoo and Yoon Eunhye. The drama is about a young woman who pretends to be a man so she can work at a coffee shop. Naturally one of the words I learned from it was “여자”, which means girl.



Another classic drama on this list that I watched early on was My Lovely Sam Soon, starring queen Kim Sun Ah and a young Hyun Bin. It was the drama that started my love for noona romances. The phrase that I learned from this drama is “누구세요”, which means who are you? It’s a phrase I use a lot jokingly with my friends.



The fourth drama on this list also stars the amazing Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jangwoo as her love interest. It’s another hidden gem noona romance about a hard-working career woman who has a one night stand with a younger man and accidentally becomes pregnant.

Obviously she is not thrilled, especially when the younger man winds up working at her company, and she nicknames her unborn baby “발목”, which means Ankle. She calls it Ankle because she feels the baby has her by her ankle and is stopping her from living her life.



The last drama on this list is called I Need Romance 3 and it is also a noona romance. What can I say? It’s one of my favorite genres. The drama stars Sung Joon and Kim Soyeon as a pair of childhood friends who reunite as adults after 17 years. Soyeon’s character has become jaded about love and her old friend tries to change that. The word I learned from this drama is “당신”, which basically translates to you.

But what’s interesting about this word, is that it is mainly used between couples. I had no idea before I watched I Need Romance 3. Soyeon’s character has to explain it to Sung Joon’s character after he comes from abroad and uses the word casually.





These were just 5 quick words that I picked up from watching Korean dramas. There are loads more. I hope I can share more in the future, as well as some drama recs. ^^



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