Kiki's Korean Corner

  • Learn Korean with Rosetta Stone: Pt. 1

      In today’s post, I want to talk about another tool that I’ve been using in my Korean language journey. And that tool is Rosetta Stone! This ...
  • Learn Korean with Talk To Me In Korean: Part 1

    When I first began my journey into formally studying Korean, TTMIK was one of the very first websites I stumbled upon. Back then, I don’t think I fully appreciated how awesome the site was.
  • KDrama Vocab: Volume 1

    If you watch enough dramas, you begin to pick up on certain common words that are frequently repeated and sometimes you wind up subconsciously memorizing them.
  • Learn Korean With Viki Learn Mode

      As I mentioned in my intro post, I’ve used a lot of different resources when it comes to helping me learn Korean. But for this post, I want to ...
  • KPop Vocabulary: Vol 1

      Over the past eight years since my family hosted Youngjae, I’ve consumed a lot of Korean media and learned a lot about the culture along the...
  • Hi, I'm Kiara!

    My love for Korean culture has spanned the last eight years and it all started when I was a sophomore in high school. My family participated in an exchange program through my school and we hosted a student from South Korea. I didn’t know anything about Korea back then, but I fell in love with the language and Youngjae, our exchange student, quickly became one of my best friends. We spent our time teaching each other as much as we could about each other’s different cultures.